Not even 1 second

Hello, I just wanted to make a suggestion.

I was escorting random people in Training Server, then I decided to make some aerobatics over a zone with no airports, but then a small one appeared below me

The normal message saying that I had to stop doing that appeared, but just 1 second after that I got a Level 1 violation.

I think this is unfair as I didn’t even have time to leave the flight or leave the area, and I think the system or algorithm should be modified.

This might be silly, but thinking I was moved from grade 5 to grade 3 just because of what I consider a system error is really disappointing, and this is why I wrote this


Infinite Flight FAA be lookin’ reaaal closely at us now.

I would contact @appeals over it, as per usual. All that jazz.

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Even so, I don’t think it would be a good idea to attempt aerobatics even if you did have 20 seconds before being violated.

Some bugs like this though may be reversed if if’s reasonable, you can contact @appeals and be prepared to show a replay.

I’d like to contact appeals but as far as I know, they only remove level 2 and level 3 violations. The one I got was a Level 1 violation so I don’t think it would have sense

Like I said, if it’s a bug, you’re able to appeal it 🙂 Otherwise, pilot errors that receive level 1 violations are unable to be appealed.

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Ok, I’ll try, thx

If you’re within 5000ft AGL and 5nm of an airport, and you make maneuvers that result in high G loading, exceeding certain bank angles or pitch, only then will an aerobatics violation be issued. Aerobatic violations are an immediate violation.

Unfortunately, these do not get removed unless you were taxiing and fell through the ground as this would be the only “system error” that is to occur.

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Might I add, keep your aerobatics to the casual server. You can do whatever you want there :)

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K, Thx for explaining

You can’t over a lvl 1 violation only 2-3

Pretty sure we get a big yellow warning (can even get one after the other)

Source : run in and breaks flown a bit too aggressively

It’s a warning followed by an almost immediate violation.


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