Not enough power during initial climb

When I accelerate down the runway to Vr, I have enough airspeed for lift. But as soon as I increase my aoa to 12 degrees for the initial climb (aiming to be around 2500 to 3000fpm), I start to lose airspeed while the thrust lever was left untouched. My N1 was 94%. I’m using 777-300ER.

Fuel onboard is 19h
Passengers: 20
Cargo: 1030kg each
Flaps: 15
Trim: 35%

Do you think I should lower my aoa? If so, I would not climb fast enough to a safe altitude.

Do you think I should decrease fuel onboard? I won’t have enough to fly from VABB to KDEN which takes around 17h.

How much thrust were you using and what was your rotation speed?

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2500-3000 vs with flap 15 is not good enough. Try to below 2000vs and flap 0.

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82% and 165 kts

I don’t think any aircraft would climb at such a low rate during the initial climb. Why do u suggest flaps 0?

A heavy 777-300 you’ll be lucky to climb at 1000fpm with 82%!!!

Don’t try for a set V/S, no airliner uses a set V/S for climb, use the pitch to keep your speed in the region of V2+15 and accept what V/S you get.


Flap is only for Takeoff and Landing, I generally set flap 0 after passing 1,000ft AGL. 2,000vs is normal rate, not a slow rate.

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Take a look at this chart from a typical flight. Notice the VS compared to the altitude:


Lol, I thought must mainatain a certain vs, but what happen if there’s terrain ahead and I’m not high enough to avoid or turn because of buildings? IRL.

You should put up thw flaps 0 when you think the speed is enough to climb without stall,rather than that I’m satisfied with what Gabe said

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You don’t take off 😂


Ur speed depends on aircraft load and ur VS,coz u r out for a long haul then climb initially between 1400 to 2000

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There’s no predetermined altitude when this should happen? I usually notice flaps up when flying through the clouds which is about 6000ft AGL.

I think I solved the issue, Vr 170kts, N1 94%, flaps 15, initial vs is around 1800fpm.

I would suggest u to climb with 1500-1800 when u r way too heavy,this will help in increase of speed and smooth climb

I actually stay at 200kn until 3000agl then increase to 250 which is normal according to this. I retract flaps at 220kn-ish.


Pitch for speed
Throttle for altitude
Since you are at nearly max thrust you take the VS that you can get like @Yuan_Tugo said

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Your vertical speed should be lower then. Try to set the vertical speed to have stable air speed. I think thats no problem if you dont have any terrain ahead.

35% trim for 77w is a lil bit high #general

Go for 5-15%

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Same except I don’t do it if I reach 220kts at 3000ft AGL because I think it’s too low.