Not enough fuel

I am flying the same route right now, I am 6:55 from BLR and I have 7:54 fuel, I packed max fuel. AND I have 77 knots headwinds but i still have 1 hour of extra fuel. You should be fine.

At the beginning of the flight my ETE to Dest was red, too.

@Captainflight What altitude were you at for the flight? I am at FL320.

Yes don’t worry if you see fuel in red at the beginning stage of a flight. Wind, aircraft, and altitude factor in fuel burn. Remember the lighter the aircraft gets, the slower burn it will have.

You can cut some waypoint in your fpl to save more your fuel, such as


Imagine that you are red, if you have not enough fuel, I will recommend you blue stars, it is more shorter

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If things don’t change
Water landing is an option 😅

My cruise is fl300

I filled my aircraft to the top before I departed and also I wasn’t heavy once I filled up all the way.

That’s very low, especially later in your journey. How much remaining in the flight?

1:37 min left

Are you good on fuel?

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well I have 40 min remaining for my flight

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I would recommend checking this out for you next flight, it will really help you maximize your efficiency and ensure you make it to the destination.

@Alec I know step climbing I didn’t step climb since it was an overnighter

@Alec I was at 99% load when I took off so FL300 is reasonable

But yeah I step climbed to FL320 just before I slept and just after I woke up I went up to FL340

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What I normally do (for overnighters) is start the flight like 3-4 hours before I expect to go to sleep. Then I will start out at a lower altitude like FL300 or FL320 and then a few hours later climb a bit more, to something like FL360. Then right before bed I would go to FL370.

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Your circling over VOBL

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Ye lol I’m not at home atm 😂😬


I see land at last

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I have 5% fuel

Quick rule of thumb: Simbrief your flight to get an “approximate” flight time. That way, if there are headwinds your ETE won’t scare you.

For example: Let’s say I’m flying EGLL-KJFK and my Simbrief time is 6:30. 30 minutes after departure, let’s say I have 6 hours of fuel left. In this case, I can be 100% sure I will make it since 30 minutes + 6 hours = 6:30, and I will get lighter as I go. Even if there are headwinds and my ETE is 7:30, I can still be confident I will make it because I know how long the flight is supposed to take.

Also, for most aircraft on 15 hour flights, if you’re less than 2-3 hours short at TOC you should be fine.

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