Not enough fuel

What will the passengers think when they find out the pilot can’t load the right fuel laugh out loud.

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lol pilot casually says Passengers prepare to swim with the fishes .

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You’re doing this route in a 789?
Next time, try a 777LR. That’s the standard one that Air India sends to KSFO from India. It’s just too far, to send any other type.
Hope you land safe, wherever you are!

Just for awareness, and this should have been asked already but what height did you climb to for your cruise?

I’ve also a question regarding fuel and capacity: normally I use simbrief for planning my flights and loading. After many flights I can say I have more fuel loaded than I actually need. I leave extra fuel at 30 min most of the time . But I land most of the routes with fuel up to 2h left. I mean, yes that’s ok and everyone in the plane feels good :) but I’m not sure if this makes sense.
Any ideas about that?

Simbrief and Fptoif are often unreliable when it comes to routes and fuel. Use some of the topics below for reference ;)


also remember if you are using an aircraft that has fuel dumping capabilities, its better have too much than not enough 😳 - Cheers!

I am flying the same route right now, I am 6:55 from BLR and I have 7:54 fuel, I packed max fuel. AND I have 77 knots headwinds but i still have 1 hour of extra fuel. You should be fine.

At the beginning of the flight my ETE to Dest was red, too.

@Captainflight What altitude were you at for the flight? I am at FL320.

Yes don’t worry if you see fuel in red at the beginning stage of a flight. Wind, aircraft, and altitude factor in fuel burn. Remember the lighter the aircraft gets, the slower burn it will have.

You can cut some waypoint in your fpl to save more your fuel, such as


Imagine that you are red, if you have not enough fuel, I will recommend you blue stars, it is more shorter

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If things don’t change
Water landing is an option 😅

My cruise is fl300

I filled my aircraft to the top before I departed and also I wasn’t heavy once I filled up all the way.

That’s very low, especially later in your journey. How much remaining in the flight?

1:37 min left

Are you good on fuel?

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well I have 40 min remaining for my flight

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I would recommend checking this out for you next flight, it will really help you maximize your efficiency and ensure you make it to the destination.

@Alec I know step climbing I didn’t step climb since it was an overnighter