Not earning XP

So I was just doing really tight pattern work (as shown) in a A318 for 20ms.
Then when I finish the flight, it shows that I earned no xp!

IPad Pro 9’7
IOS 11 beta 2
Current IF version

It may take some time for the system to update your XP.


I was doing it for 20ms, it should’ve updated automatically.

Where does it show that you earnt no XP?
Did the wheels touch the ground?

Echoing what @Jet_Airways_995 wrote, and also wondering what the summary said once you ended your flight?


It said zero XP earned, flight time 22ms, etc @dush19 in fact I was doing hard touch and gos.

Could you please provide a picture of your logbook?


20ms was on the ground + I took off from KSAN and did T&Gs at KNZY
(Top one)

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It happened to me before, I think it’s because you are going to fast at landing so it doesn’t count it up. ( based on my experience )

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I was around 150kts- 180kts each t & g, that is slow enough. TS1 pilots land at 210kts.

“Officer I was only doing 95mph, I saw a guy going 120 just a minute ago”


Should I contact Tyler and Mark?

Touch down at 135 and report back?

I don’t seem to understand.

Both are probably sleeping now. I’ll have Tyler take a look at this, if possible at his earliest convenience.


Sorry. I don’t know how xp works but 150 is awfully fast, even in a heavier aircraft. 180 is beyond. If someone suggests speed could be tied to your xp, that seems likely, in any case you need to touch down a bit slower. I don’t know the exact number for an a318 but I’m guessing 125-135?


I was doing tight, stunt like T&Gs

Unfortunately this does happen from time to time, as rare as it may be. We apologize for any inconvenience and let us know if this happens continuously.