Not dark at 2am

I recently took off from LGAV and the local time there was 2am but on the ground it wasn’t dark at all and it was like it was cloudy, when I climbed higher it was dark again.

I have flown from LGAV at night before and it was dark but I’m not sure why it wasn’t dark this time.

Is this an error or is this supposed to occur? It’s the first time it happened to me.

Thanks for your help.

If the moon is out, it will light up everything a surprising amount


Oh, okay! Thanks for your help. Probably was the reason

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Are you sure your in-app time is set to ‘Current Time’?

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Hi, yes I am sure, I checked it several times and it was set to current time

it was probably just the moon, or the brightness on your screen couldve been really high

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Some photos this happened in YPPH as well for me

It was dark like normal as I climbed

MaxSez: Come on Fellows. Moon; If it’s out/probably! Take the time to jot also take the time to research. On this the Lunar Calendar should have been addressed first. Per the LC NYC had a Waxing Moon thus minimal lunar elimination, Address thr METAR and you have Haze + 10 miles. Conclusion probable system error. Elementary my dear Watson
(Info: @CPT_Colorado @NoahM )


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