Not counting ,,operations'' during Air Traffic Control?

Hey everyone,
I am experiencing some issues with the counting of operations during Air Traffic Control. I just controlled KLAX tower for 1 hour and 18 minutes, stil however I only earned 3 operations even so there where a lot more clearances than only 3.
Can someone help please?
Looking forward to your answers ;)


Sometimes waiting for some time is necessary. Close the app and check back in a bit. They should appear soon. :)


I just waited right now for quiet a while and also restarted the app, still the number of total controls didnt changed.

Huh. Interesting.

My only suggestion now is to give it more time. Assuming that you had a stable connection and weren’t just observing, your operations should have counted. If it’s been around a day and they still haven’t appeared, then you may want to contact a moderator or schyllberg.

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