Not convinced this is a device issue

I have done everything I can to alleviate the app crashing and it hasn’t worked. Was just on final into JFK after an over 17-hour flight from Singapore and the app crashed out. Somehow this happens every time I am on final after a long flight, and final approach only.

I also made sure that aircraft count was medium/low, scenery cache was cleared, and that the flight went into power saving mode when I wasn’t on the screen.

I don’t know what kind of an issue this is but I am having a very difficult time understanding it. However I am seriously doubting that it is a device issue. Some clarification would be greatly appreciated.

Y’all are a great team and I know you have a lot on your plate as is. Keep doing what y’all do and I look forward to hearing from someone soon enough.

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What device are you using? A 17-hour flight can be extremely taxing even on the high-end devices.

A tip for long hauls (don’t know whether you are doing it or not) is to lower your brightness during cruise, go to the tail cam and point the camera towards the sky. That significantly decreases the load as your device isn’t have to render in scenery constantly.


There is a template for this category for a reason, please use it. If you want the community’s help you need to help them by giving all necessary information, even if you feel it might be irrelevant.

Thanks :)


Interesting I would like to see a topic on this, thanks for the heads up

Also just add on, but if you add to many of same way points in order, in the same shape ex:(like a holding pattern) eventually you will crash. I’m on a iphone14 and i’v found this limit to about 60ish. How ever if your plotting way points in a one line order, only plotting each way point once. you wont crash until about 120ish point.

Most is covered in the Support FAQ :)

His app is crashing (the app is quitting) - not his plane in-flight…

don’t know if thats any thing to help with your problem, but it’s possible to have occurred/ contributed to the problem. Also if you take your phone/ipad case off it helps a lot, and keeps your CPU form over heating And increases performance.

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I mean like One topic for it all, but ye you right

This happened to me today and it was the exact flight I was else where and then I come back and find my device turned off. I entered the passcode and it was at the homescreen but usually if your device turns off then you can enter the passcode and it will go back to the flight but it didnt happen for me and it was at the Home Screen. I was 16 hours into the flight and I was flying over Toronto and I come back to my iPad switched off so I’m convinced that it crashed and will not be playing infinite flight for some time because this has happened to me multiple times and I’ve just had enough.

@J3d What iPad do you have? A 16-hour flight is a heavy load even on high-end devices…

iPad Air 2

I’m not sure how one can expect a device that is now 8 years old hardware-wise at this point to be able to do a 16-hour flight even on the lowest settings. Even the high-end 2020-2022 devices can struggle with a flight that long.

With a device that old, you are really only limited to short-medium length flights on low settings if you want a reliable experience.

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