Not connecting to live server

I am on a flight to FAOR at the moment but I have the problem that my pro subscription ran out in the middle of the flight but I already have renewed it and paid for the new month. Now I am not able to connect to the live server anymore is that a problem or can I just resume my flight? I hope my English is understandable and thanks for the help!

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Did your subscription auto renew mid flight or did one expire completely and you purchase a new one?

It auto renew midflight

Auto-renewing should not have any impact to your flight.

You can try going to airplane mode for 10-15 seconds and then turn it off. Sometimes that causes it to resync.

Didn’t work. I think I’ll just continue my flight or do an “emergency” landing somewhere. Thanks for the help!

Same with me. Are you still having problems with it or did you get it working?

Yes my game crashed midflight so I restarted the app and now I am able to connect again to the live server

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