Not Connecting To Live Server

For the past week I have not been able to connect to the live server when I start a flight. It shows the yellow connecting icon for a few seconds-after which it shows the red icon indicating that its not connected. It shows green checks for the other services-and I checked-I was charged for my monthly subscription and it shows it as active in the app store and in the IF app. What should I do?

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Do you have a stable connection?

Try deleting and reinstalling the app also welcome to the community.

Do you have a VPN? Infinite Flight won’t connect when you use a VPN.

Yep I have a VPN-but Ive been using IF with a VPN for a few months now and never had any problems. Could it be something else?

did you try this?

You should stop using the VPN. A fast, stable connection (at least 20mbps) is Recommended.

  • Check your Credit usage on your mobile device has run out.
  • Close off any secondary application distracting the connectivity.
  • Get closer to your router.
  • Reboot your Router.
  • Reboot your device.

@Julius_Arolovitch please let me know if this issue will continue to resume.


It didnt resolve and I cant turn off VPN as its part of a device management app that my parents have installed. But…it used to work fine. I reinstalled the app just now and that didnt help either. Also did all of what you suggested…but that didnt help. There was-now that I think of it-a problem with billing when the membership renewed-could it have anything to do w that?

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Billing problems have nothing to do with the server issues, i had once this problem, it would connect for a few minutes and then disconnect, i tried different VPN’s to see and some of them worked, you should try that, and also, check to see if there was any changes on your internet provider because that can explain it not connecting to the server (my problem had to do with this) worst case scenario you have to talk with your internet provider for support.

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