Not Connecting to Live Server

Hi. Today (and last night) I am flying a flight from heathrow to Calgary and I woke up to find my device was showing that it was not connected to the live server. All other devices are working fine. I have moved it all over my apt with no avail. Any ideas how to fix it?

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Have you tried with another internet connection, or with data? It might be your internet connection.
I have also had these problems in the past (and turns out it was my internet provider, i had to switch to another), when my live server stops working I usually activate airplane mode (within the flight) and check if it connects again, if it doesn’t, you should definitely try with another wifi network.

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Maybe try the following basic solutions:

  • Try moving closer to the router to get a better direct internet connection.
  • Try restarting your router for a while.
  • Restart your device, as an error could occur catching internet connection.
  • Try Reinstalling Infinite Flight or log in or out of your Pro subscription account.

Please let me know if there is any improvements.

I had to cancel the flight. It is working after I restarted if

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Glad it worked. Hopefully it won’t happen the next time 😬

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