Not Connecting to Live Server

Whenever I enter casual or training, there are no other planes and no atc because my live does not connect.
-iPhone 8 plus
-latest iOS and IF update
-restarted and reinstalled
-T-Mobile LTE connection

Try to spawn away from the major airport of KLAX to a quiet place and see if the issue still occurs.

You are sure that you have tried to restart the app, clear scenery cache, settings down low, Plane rate low? (The usual problems)

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Yes, my scenery is on high because I have a powerful device

I want you to try one thing… Restart your device (that also restarts app). Let me know the outcome

But try with the settings all on low just for a test

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I already had ^^^^ read topic

Are you using VPN? Do you have an active subscription?

Does it work with WIFI? I may be wrong but T-Mobile has had some issues which prevented IF from working properly in the past

No VPN, yes i have a subscription

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No, it doesn’t work on my wifi either

Have you changed any of your network settings, maybe added a DNS or custom IP or a proxy?

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I honestly do not know what that is LOL

The final thing I would I suggest is using a VPN and see if that helps in any way

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Thanks @Chatta290! I worked!


Glad it did. I would try resetting your WIFi and checking your settings though aswell as something is blocking it. Good day to you :)

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