Not Completing All Legs of Flight.

Here’s the pickle I’m in, for some reason a R/T ticket from PHX-LHR is $988. I looked at a ticket from LAX-LHR with a stop in PHX to get on the very same flight from PHX as the $988 flight and continue to LHR it’s $433.

So my question is, if I skip out on that last leg returning from LHR and get off in PHX instead on continuing to LAX will there be any repercussions with the airline?

Well, I think there mustn’t be any type of repercussion, let’s see what does says the others!

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Really, it depends. I know some airlines are strongly against hidden-city ticketing.

Take Lufthansa for example, they attempted to sue a passenger who engaged in this, but I believe the case was tossed out of court.

Not sure about airlines, but my advice would be to not do that. That’s just my 2 cents


What Airline is it?

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(the story @globalflyer1 mentioned)

looks like you have discovered the “hidden city” trick. be careful using it as airlines may try to find you and take legal action.


It’s on American.

if you fly AA and miss your first flight they will cancel your connecting reservation to my knowledge. @mwe2187 may have more on this tho

Thank you, this would be on the way back. The flight is LAX-PHX-LHR return LHR-PHX(get off here)-LAX.

If you only have hand luggage, and aren’t a member of their frequent flyer club the repercussions really shouldn’t be too serious. No company has ever had a case read in court despite several attempts so I would just go ahead with it.

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Thank you all for the replies!

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Yeah, as others mentioned, if you don’t check-in for the first part of your flight, it will most likely end up getting canceled.

So, since you are flying Los Angeles to Phoenix to Heathrow, and don’t check-in on-time for your flight at Los Angeles, the reservation will most likely just get canceled and you won’t be able to reach Heathrow from Phoenix.

Now, even if you only have hand luggage, an airline can sue. While the case will most likely get tossed out, it’d most likely cost more than the $500 extra you’d be paying. Again, just my 2 cents

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I experienced something similar recently. I wanted to book a one way ticket from FLL-BWI and I found one for $461. However I then checked FLL-ATL and there was a flight for $200 with a stop in BWI, but the same flight. I decided not to do it but I can feel your anger and confusion.

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So it’s happened to others I see. I mean I’m not against the extra leg being the airplane nerd, it’s one more takeoff and landing to enjoy but the lady doesn’t share the same interest in aviation haha and needs to be back at work so if we can save the few extra hours we will try.

Yeah I just would not recommend it

Wouldn’t recommend it. Lufthansa has sued a passenger for it. I believe many airlines are closing passengers Frequent Flyer accounts when they do it. I mean, you have to collect your suitcase after immigration anyway, so that shouldn’t be an issue. If you’re willing to not have a frequent flyer account on your flight (not earning miles) it’s doable. Not sure if it’s worth the (possible) issues you may have with the airline.


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