Not compatible

Device: Samsung Galaxy J7 2016
Operating system: crDroid 64bit

Google play is showing “your device is not compatible” please help

In order to install Infinite Flight, your device needs to be Play Protect certified - which cannot happen on crDroid and other custom ROMs, as it’s not your device’s out-of-the-box OS. To play Infinite Flight, you’ll need to get a device running iOS or Android out of the box that is not jailbroken/rooted.


To add to what @AviatorAlex already stated, the minimum Android version needed is 9.


Play protect is certified and safetynet is passed but still no luck. My device has 2gb ram and Android 10

It will not work regardless since it’s rooted.
Even if it did, that models hardware capabilities would not be sufficient for Infinite Flight unfortunately.

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