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I bought infinite flight around 3 years ago on a Motorola e5. I now have a Nokia 2.4 on Android 12 (latest version) I went to the app store to re download it but I was met with the message “This version is not compatible with your device” This is very disappointing for me as when I had infinite flight on my old Motorola I enjoyed it very much, but now there is no way for me to play it. While I do understand that this is a flight simulator and such would require a lot of space and battery to run, but I really wish for more flexibility to be able to support older or lesser known devices. Any help or advice is appreciated.

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Sorry that this happened to you.
However, this is not related to your device being lesser known or similar.

Infinite Flight have certain hardware & software requirements in place to make sure to get the most out of the app as well as assuring sufficient performance . And in your case, the issue is most likely that the device in question is not running a 64-bit version of Android which is one of our requirements.

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Hi schyllberg and thank you for responding.I have taken your advice and searched the specifications of my device (Nokia 2.4) and I found 3 sources that showed the Nokia 2.4 having the 64bit version of Android.

(Edit: I tried to paste two links but I received the message “new users can only post two links” so I will be posting the two links as shown below)


Many of these websites suggest that my device runs on Android 10, however since it’s release in September 2020, it has been suited to run Android 12. Once again thank you for your help and I hope these sources will be of any use to you.


There’s a slight difference here.
What you’ve found shows that it’s using a 64-bit chipset, and that’s true. However, the Android version is 32-bit.

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