Not Chicago, Not a Problem @ KORF


Finished off a trip to Virginia with an extra 2 hours where we didn’t have anything else scheduled, mostly because the rental car company changed our dropoff time from 1600 to 1730, so yeah, that’s fun.

Norfolk has a pretty darn good public airport viewing area.

Now, the pictures of the planes.

Delta 757-200 taxiing in after arriving from Atlanta

Head-on with an American A320-200 from Dallas Fort Worth

American Eagle CRJ-900 from Washington Reagan

United 737-800 rotating out for Chicago O’Hare

Previously shown Delta 757-200 after its turnaround heading back down to Atlanta

US Coast Guard Gulfstream C-37B rocketing off to do Coast Guard things

Southwest 737-700 starting its climb-out for Denver

Spirit A320NEO on a wobbly departure down to Fort Lauderdale

Previous American Eagle CRJ-900 very slowly heading up back to Washington Reagan

The final shot from the terminal now, my half-successful panning shot of an American A319-100 on its landing roll from Charlotte. I’m calling it half-successful for two reasons:

  1. Half of the plane is in-focus
  2. This is my fourth ever attempt at panning, with the other three attempts occurring two, five, and nine seconds before this

Thanks for viewing, and see you whenever I post my next spotting topic, which is hopefully before the end of the year.


Very nice indeed.

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the wingspan is crazy on that thing lol

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Stunning photos

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Huh. For some reason, I didn’t realize these guys had the landing gear “flaps” that close for whatever reason.

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Very nice!!, We must be so similar. I love/Live by norfolk so i love how people are going to KORF. Good pictures

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Thank you!

Most certainly, helps to explain why it was the aircraft that took off the earliest (Even beat the 757 by a good margin)

Glad you like them!

They are pretty tight, but they don’t exactly have alot of space to work with in the first place. Looks interesting on the ground if you do a head-on shot.

Thanks! I was born and grew up for a couple of years in Newport News before going to Chicago, and my family tries to visit roughly twice a year. Absolutely love the Hampton Roads area, and I wouldn’t mind coming back to live there again.


Yeah!, I love the Hampton roads area

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American a319 looks so cute lol😆

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Glad you like it, so thanks!

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