Not Calculating Distance Properly


On the evening of 12/29/23, I flew an F-18, taking off from KSAN, RWY 27, doing a touch-and-go at KNUC, RWY 24; KNSI, RWY 30; and KLAX, RWY 24R. Returning KSAN, landing at RWY 27. None of my flight data was properly recorded. My flight time shows 1:07 hours, but the recorded distance reads 0, and my landings were not recorded.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Hey there!

The distance in the logbook is calculated after the flight based on the start and end locations of it. The logbook doesn’t recognize 2 or more separate flights within a single session as different flights. In your instance, since you’ve both started and ended your session at KSAN, the distance is 0NM - despite you actually having flown more than that.

As for the landings, as long as they were on a runway at any point between the threshold markers for the 2 runway ends, and 30+ seconds apart, they are recorded.


It says you got 1200 XP, which is almost twice the amount you would get for just 1 hour of flight time without landing, so at least some of your landings were recorded

Hmmmm, the XP Earned may read 1249, but the Distance traveled is 0 nm. So, if I understand the logic correctly based on other flight recordings, distance is not recorded if a pilot returns to the point of origin despite having traveled certain distances and performing touch-and-go events; or, did I miss something?


Yes that is correct, if you return to your point of origin, then it calculates the direct distance from your origin to your destination, not flight distance

The way it is calculated means that there is an absolute distance between the two airports you start at and finish at. It is a straight uninterrupted line. This isn’t a problem when you run something like an island hopper, but when executing a circular route like Athens-Kozani-Kastoria-Athens it becomes more of a problem.

You should be getting your rightful XP and landings though.

As @AviatorAlex already stated, as long as landing criteria are met, all landings are counted.

The way distance currently is calculated is not ideal, but for now it is the way it is.

Since the app is constantly under development, I wouldn’t be surprised when updates in this area all already being worked on.

You could always create a request topic under Features though.
I would vote for it. 😉