Not brought back to Grade 4 but I have the stats

Hey guys!

A week ago, I forgot to monitor my speed under 10,000 feet, resulting in three well-deserved violations bumping me from Grade 4 to Grade 2.

Since a week has passed, as seen in the image below, I am not in Grade 4 as I should be. It has been about an hour from the exact time last week.

Any input is appreciated. Thank you!

Hey Roberti- I mean @anon38496261,

Could you go back in your logbook and send a picture of when the violations were added?

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Sorry about this, but it seems that I have overlooked my violation/landing ratio.

Still, it should not be green πŸ€”
Is it still a factor or should I be at Grade 4?

Here you go, @TRDubh

This is still an issue because the table should be green in this area.

Unless my eyes are deceiving me, that looks like it was 5 days ago, not a week.

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I’m totally stupid πŸ˜‚

Woooow ok. But the grade table says 0 violations in a week. That’s odd. Oh well.

Sorry for the trouble when you could have been guessing aircraft or reading RWA topics or something, lol

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Haha, all good. Glad I could help!

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Alrighty then. I guess this can be closed.

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Thanks for the help! Always nice to have a smarter set of eyes on board πŸ‘

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