Not Being Downgraded After Time

Hello, IFC,

I would like to remove the feature of being downgraded after time. This is not a good idea in my opinion because people who worked very hard to get grade 4 (FOR EXAMPLE) don’t play for a few weeks because of some reason and they go back down to grade 3! This took them many hours to accomplish and they go back down because of some other reason.
For example, I flew for over 3 years, now, to get grade 4 and I recently broke my device, which took a few weeks to get fixed and I’m back at grade 3! For me this is frustrating, discouraging and for others, it could be a good reason and time to stop their IF live subscription!
I think that you should stay at your grade level even without flying so that you don’t stop and stay encouraged by your Grade Level!
Thank You!

What do you think?

I agree with this as well. Sometimes projects from school or events can get in the way and being down graded isn’t really necessary nor fair.


Maybe this could be converted into an option to put in you account that you are “on leave”

However idk if this works, this is a business model they have to keep customers buying, cause if they don’t, they will go down grades and then will lose certain privileges, etc, and I don’t think they would be looking to remove a money making feature like this anytime soon


I like the idea, but I have one counter-argument, which can be countered too, but let me get to the point.

Basically losing a grade is like losing your position at work or losing the grip of an ability you may have or something that you’re good at.

Like when you leave work for a while, you still maintain the most of your quality but after a long vacation, you’ll need to get into the work again and start building up this grip you had of your job. Losing a grade can also be seen as letting go of something you’re good at for a while, only to see that you’re not as good, so you need to train yourself to be as good as before.

But then again, I may counter my argument by saying that if you are away for a while, you can always work your way up again only that not always do you lose the grasp of things you once were good at. Most of these daily tasks we do are memorized and stuck in our brain so in that sense, somehow being able to leave/keep your current grade on pause while away for a certain period of time cold work too. But not for how long as you want, there has to be limit and then grade drop will be inevitable.


I want this, but I don’t think they will remove this. As this is a great way to make money by making us pay so we keep spending money to get the desired grade.


I agree. The experience you receive to achieve Grade 4 does not go away when you don’t land a certain amount of times in a certain amount of days. I suspect that grade levels are really to ensure a certain amount of participation. Grades should be based on experience.


When you stop doing anything for an extended amount of time, one tends to lose their edge or become rusty. I think the requirement of maintaining grades should be left alone. This happens in the real world all the time. In my occupation we are required to have continuing education credits every year. Without these one can not leagally preform our duties. Just as I would not want someone who is rusty or not up to speed with my line of work helping/covering me, I also wouldn’t want to see “forever” grades to flyers who may have been gone for months or possibly years. Grades already do nothing to signify a pilots experience/professionalism, think of how much more innacurate they would be if once you “arrived” you were there for good.


I know the grade is for bragging rights but it doesn’t bothered me at all, jist my personal opinion. I was away from from IF for while … I had near 100k xp before global got released, when I came back I made fresh start.

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I think when you are downgraded for being ghosted it tells the pilot he or she did something wrong and it is a good learning experience. As for the downgrading for inactivity I can see why it’s frustrating, but I have to admit that it’s a way to get you as the player to fly more to keep your grade standing.

Everyone is always clamoring for Realism™ on here.

Well, guess what, pilots can’t just take years off without flying and return as if nothing happened. Almost every position in the world which requires some particular set of skills (…no Taken jokes…) requires CE or recertification.

In none of these lines of work would a long lay-off not matter.


Well said…pilot on training every 6months even tho they fly the thing everyday.

Like Tim said, I like the recency requirement or “time requirement” because it mimics real life. I’ve said it before on other similar threads… landings are the most critical phase of flight, there is a reason they are the focus in real life, and in this game.

Grade 4, and Grade 5 are the highest levels in this game. Just like anything in life - shouldn’t they require hard work and dedication day in and day out?

Edit: spoken as an aspiring grade 5, who is currently a grade 4 due to landing count. So I’d like to think I am an unbiased representative of my statements.


I don’t agree. It took dedication and time for me to get to grade 5. If I were to take 6 month off I would not expect to be grade 5 but grade 1. I decided to take time off and not keep up my hours and landings. Because of this I should not be rewarded all the benefits of having a nighter grade. In order to have these rewards I must put in hard work.

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FYI - this discussion is highly related (focused only on landings) and lays out a lot of the arguments for and against. I’ve included my own thoughts below as an example:

Yeah I guess it depends on the purpose of the ranking system:

If it is meant to indicate skill / experience then the current 90 day requirement is probably excessive , and grade 5 should be more a reflection of cumulative stats and violation:landing ratio - a pilot that has been grade 5 at least once shouldn’t become less skilled or experienced if they have fewer landings in a 90 day period in the future

If it is meant to indicate dedication / use then the current 90 day requirement is likely appropriate - past performance says little about current dedication and use levels

My interpretation of the grade system as constructed is that it is meant to be focused on skill / experience for Grades 1-3, and Grades 4-5 exists to reward dedication / use


Personally I would like to see the number of landings required for Grade 4 to be decreased as with long haul flights you just cant get that many in, instead I think FDS can increase the requirements in XP and flight hours by a significant chunk

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In the real world, you need to log at least 3 takeoffs and landings every 90 days in order to keep exercising the rights of your certificate. Anyone, from me to a 10,000-hour captain, can only fly solo or with an instructor if they aren’t current.


I think as well as this is only a simulator we do have real lives that we need to attend to… we can’t just play IF all day long (I wish) to stay at our Grade that we worked hard for. I think once you get that Grade the only way you can loose it is by violations or ghosting. Just my opinion

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It’s simply art of gamification, optimized for motivation and engagement. If new game/simulators doesn’t have social aspect they will be heading for graveyard.


I one hundred percent agree. I think that’s frustrating whne you played for 2 years and then you’ve got to change device and you’ve got to do a lot of T&G to be at your old grade. Thanks for the request!

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