Not being able to disengage parking brakes

Hey IFC i looking for support because when i join the server and am ready to start taxing or just needing to disengage the parking brakes i can’t do so. So if anyone has an idea please let me know
-Zach O’Connor/ delta 45 89

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Hi there.

Could you provide us with some more information? Which aircraft are you having issues with? Which device and operating system are you currently using?

Also have you tried basic troubleshooting such as restarting Infinite Flight, restarting your device, reinstalling the app?

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Can we see some pics or maybe a screen recording ?

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This is very strange indeed, and I haven’t heard about this issue before.

How persistent was this issue? As @naro suggested, when you close IF and start the app and spawn again, is the issue still there?

If it’s gone, then it may have just been some weird glitch…

Are you sayin that you cannot move forward/taxi? It’s happened to me long ago because silly me forgot to turn on the engines. Also might want to check if you have enough fuel. If that doesn’t work yet, there may be something wrong.

Hey naro it has been with every aircraft and my device is an iPhone 8. And yes i have restarted the app, i haven’t restarted the phone or deleted it yet

I would try a uninstall/reinstall.

You said it happens with all planes?
Have you reset all the controls to defaults?
Do you use a joystick or anything?

I do not use a joystick but do want to soon

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