Not being able to access certain topics

For some reason after I switched to the Iphone 8+ (I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not) but it seems that I don’t have access to certain topics from my notification menu. My trust level is “member” so I don’t know how if it has anything to do with my account/restrictions. If anyone has any knowledge or support on this topic will be much appreciated, safe landings!



These are topic that are unlisted and aren’t available to anyone except mods and such. I think.


These topics were most likely moved to PM or archived as they contained something sensitive. Not an issue from your end :)

@PixelToast: Unlisted topics are simply not listed on the main menu, they can still be accessed by whoever has the link. and in this case Mr. Troubleshoot does have the link.


Why would I receive a notification about said topic in this theory ? It has been multiple topics per day.


Ah I see thanks for the info. Never knew what they did I just got that impression.

So, you received a notification from a topic you can’t access?
If you can’t access a topic it shouldn’t be an unaccessible topic for you, it would just block the notification.

I’m not too sure, either you were added to a PM, were tagged or got a notification, then removed, or there is some sort of glitch.
The whole added then removed from PM is my best guess but I don’t know for sure, surely a moderator can try and help clear this up :)

It has been multiple topics per day, when i enter the forum i have around 11 notifications of new topics & some pms that dont make sense but its daily and around 7 of these i have “no access” to. & i have no future record of the notification in the box or anything, only in my web hist.

Ok, you’ve got some categories set to notify you when they’re created. These are moved to PM by mods and then you don’t have access to them. Here’s how to fix:
Click on the setting icon in the top right

Then select “categories” from the drop-down on the right

Scroll down and find “Notified about first post” or whatever

Remove #meta, and any others you don’t want notifications about. I recommend to keep #announcements still there.


I think it could just be that the topic is in the lounge and so you can’t access it.

That happened to me for some topics like “super cub cockpit” or “DC-10 doors”

That also happens to me.

Easy fix here guys, follow @Insertusernamehere s instructions but instead of clicking categories click notifications and adjust them as you need to. Here is my set up hat works quite nicely for me;

Happy flying!