Not be able to request liveries on non-confirmed aircraft

I have quite often commented on topics that are asking for liverys on aircraft that have never been confirmed in IF to say that it should not be a topic and I believe that we should have to wait for the aircraft to be confirmed before people ask for liverys. Please tell me what you think and place a vote in the poll below. This is NOT including aircraft already in IF as well as ones that are unconfirmed.

  • Yes this is something that is needed here in the community.
  • No this is a horrible idea.
  • Yes I like the sound of it but are not willing to give up a vote.

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No one will see what you voted for so don’t worry about that.
Thank you @AndroidPilot


This is totally unrelated with Aircraft correct?

But what about the aircraft already in IF?

Is This Only For Aircraft NOT in IF and Not Confirmed?!?

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Yes I will correct it to make that clear.

Absolutely. The feature category is cluttered enough with livery requests.


I do agree with this, i think the forum would be more streamlined and clean with this.


The features category needs a clean out, and this would help a lot. I’ve changed my mind and think this would be a helpful rule to have. (We also need subcategories for liveries/aircraft etc.)

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That’s a good idea you should create a topic just for subcategories.

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This is a great idea. It would help keep the #features category more “tidy”, rather than cluttered, as the amount of individual livery requests would be significantly reduced.

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@schyllberg do you mind giving us your opinion on this.

Yes I’m starting to get a little tired with A350 livery requests


Brilliant idea…personally, I’m starting to get a little tired of livery requests…period. But this is a good step in the right direction. :)

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MaxSez: Fixing the Garbage Dump called “Feature” by individual one step at a time recommendations are a waste of time and effort. “Features” needs a Flush!

Features use to be an excellant tool to gage memberships IF Fleet build outs popular demand. No More, on the most part it’s a Poorly Researched, One Liner, Copywrite Material, Disorganized figment of the fertal idel minds of the ill informed lookin for FaceTime and recognition. It redundant, disorganization and seedey.

Anybody with a Libray Science background out there want to volunteer to organize this clutter called Feature? Raise your hand by identifying yourself by comment below. Thanks.
Regards, all


thanks cause i’m tired of seeing livery request for the ERJ-145


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