Not Back to Expert

So I got 6 violations last week on Friday and I’m still not back to grade 4. Pls help me.

Can you send the grade information table so we can better analyze it?

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Give it some time, and those violations will fall off. Don’t worry.

Also, a quick flight on casual usually resets your violation count

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This should also be in support

You’ve still got to many violations wait a few days and should be fixed

This happened last Friday and about 1.5 hours ago.

I’ve already waited a week

You are on the bubble, just wait a bit longer.

It’s still to many violations it will reset soon just be patient

I’ll try a quick flight on casual I’ll inform you guys when I’m done.

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For me, it took 8 days for the violations to fall off

Is there a reason for that though?

If it happened last Friday then would suggest waiting till Saturday the you will have had 7 full days of violations. One quick flight on casual then you grade should be up again. Of course access to Expert depends on other matters as well.

Yes this topic can now close I’m back at good old G4!


I’m not totally sure, maybe it’s like it resets after it passes through 00:00 zulu 7 times? no idea