Not appearing on the Global server

Device: iPhone XR
Operating system: iOS 15.6.1

Hello! I’ve been having an issue lately that I’ve been unable to fix myself. I’m doing an overnight from SBGR-KJFK. All was well, until I checked my flight when I woke up. I was 78 miles East of the East Coast, so I expected to see some other aircraft appearing on the map. However, there was not another aircraft on the map at all. I went to check Liveflight, and I didn’t show up on the map at all. I checked InfiniteX as well, I still wasn’t there. I even checked my IFC profile status to see if it showed I was doing a flight. It says “Not Active.”

I checked the checkmark in the top right corner, and everything had the green checkmark. Seemed like there was no problem on the app. I tried everything that came to mind like, turning off and on the WiFi on my phone, turning airplane mode on and off, clearing the cache on the app, but none of it helped. Now I’m basically invisible on the expert server.

This wasn’t the issue the entire flight. I was able to see other aircraft at SBGR when I was departing. This isn’t the first time this happened either. I had it happen while at the gate at KIAD getting ready to go to KLAX about a week ago. I’ve also had this happen on short final after a 12 hour flight into ZBAA (airspace was busy at the time in ZBAA.) I’ve even uninstalled the app not long before this flight from SBGR, and it obviously didn’t help. Do you guys have any thoughts on how to fix this issue?

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This is unfortunately quite a common issue at the moment

It seems to affect iOS more than Android, but both OS are affected

The quick and easy solution is to drop your internet connection and reconnect, ideally via an alternative such as Wifi to 4G/5G or vice versa

This doesn’t always work though, and can sometimes lead to an app crash

The devs are aware of the issue, and you can see some of the many people with similar problems in Expert Server Upgrade

Ultimately, we’re all waiting on the devs to deploy a patch and fix the issue

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U can always try to Turn off your WIFI for 30 seconds and turn it back on, u would start seeing other Aircraft either instantly or after 5 min. But I always recommend restarting your IF device every now n then, it helps with bugs and glitches.

Alright! Thanks for letting me know!

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If it happens again, I’ll try that. I only turned my WiFi off for like 5 seconds and then turned it back on.

Yeah it only works if u do it for 30sec to a minute. Let me know if it helps :)

its happened to me, i disconenct from the server by no wifi, then reconnect and itʻll work.

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