Not Answering Pilot’s messages

Hello, I want to know what’s going on with your controlling session in KJFK now, you don’t respond pilot message.

Please send them a PM. No need at all to post this publicly…

Already sent, still no any response

It might take some time if they’re still controlling as that is a higher priority.

Please, if you have already sent out a DM, then there is no need for you to post a thread on public channels.

The controller is still in the middle of a hub airport session, be patient, and when the controller is finished, he’ll get back to you as soon as he can.


Hi, sorry about your experience, but do note that the controller is still actively controlling and will respond to your PM when able. If you can’t get your concerns resolved, we can move it to the next course of action. I’m sure the controller will appreciate your patience and understanding.

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Thanks for your friendly response!
From the perspective of a previous Air traffic controller, I think the traffic of KJFK was okay for responding message in Discord or IFC / and responding every pilot messages in controlling (in games). But I will keep choose to understanding this ATC, because everyone’s controlling style may be different or the ATC met connection issue.
I wish you have a good day!

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Further discussion between pilot and controller will be conducted in a PM.