Not an everyday sight + game crash lol

I was about to do a normal flight from VHHH to RJBB. What I was not expecting was to find UPS Virtual in several CPA 747s at the airport. This, of course, caused my game to lag and eventually crash after takeoff lmao.

Here’s a screenshot of some of them holding short on the runway.


Was great to see all those Queens lined up!


Hey there I like this photo and I am so happy the 747 is being used.

However you photo consists of player names which is not allowed in the #screenshots-and-videos category. Make sure to read the rules before posting!

An easy to fix this is to go to Replays which is under Settings, selecting your desired flight and once in clicking the little camera icon outlined in a box, this will get rid of player names, airport names, player boxes and give you a great looking photo.

You could also fix this by going to SettingsLive → and click the boxes named “Hide Airplane Names” and “Hide Airplane Dots”.

How neat is that? The group… not the crash

See category rules for posting in the #screenshots-and-videos category please 🙂