Not all the fuel on the plane

So everytime I’m about to go on a long-haul flight, I triple check that I have enough fuel. But, as soon as I get to cruising altitude, atleast 3-5 hours of fuel is just missing.

You burn more fuel while you climb.

Defenitly not that much though

This could possibly because you actually still on a climb, or going to fast at a too high altitude, which means the engines are going to have to work more. On top of that I recommend you add 2hours of extra fuel for diversions and everything.

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That’s while I usually add an extra half of my fuel needed to reach the location.

I do add that extra fuel on but then I still have the problem

It also takes a ton of fuel to taxi, so taxi with one engine to reduce fuel. Also we have fuel burn so you would have less.


You should also take into account headwinds in your calculations. They have a major impact on your expected fuel.

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Check the cruise speed of the plane your flying, if your flying way over it your engines will more than likely be at full power, or cruising too high, and the engines can’t ha sleep the height because your too heavy.

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This happened while I was flying. If ypu have done the planning properly. Then you should not worry. It’s most likely due to lots of headwinds which is increasing your flight time. This is temporary. Once you get through 80% of the flight. You’ll notice how ypu have spare fuel. The system only predicts flight time from current position. Remember everything changes along the route.


The fuel calculator on the weight and balance page is a rough approximation. There are many more factors that need to be taken into account which may be why you’re having less fuel than expected. Try sites like Simbrief for calculations

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For instance, if your going to Sydney from SFO, you have your fuel tanks full, which means the plane is heavy, so descend to a Lowe altitude. What happened to me is that the first part of the flight it said that I needed fuel, I left the flight to fly, and the fuel burned which decreased the load, and I had more than enough, I was also cruising lower.

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Does the 7:11 mean how much flight time I have left before I run out of fuel?

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Yes, it means you have 7hrs 11mins. Obviously this is approximate. When you’re in the air, you burn more fuel etc meaning you have less flight time then expected. Just remember to have extra fuel! :)

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