Not all Playground pilots are bad

While on San Diego approach, I had a pilot who was grade one, only a few flight hours and a couple thousand xp. I believe he was coming from LAX, and contacted me far from KSAN. KSAN was very busy, so I had to vector him behind a long line of aircraft. He followed every speed, altitude, and heading vector I gave him from initially checking in until when I cleared him for the ILS. I would just like to make the point that, while many pilots on PG are idiots, there are also those who are willing to learn and follow your instructions.


Your right. But more than 99.9% of people can’t fly.


Absolutely true. It’s just great when someone actually listens to you though, especially on approach.

Edit: A lot of people follow some instructions, but not all of them. This guy followed every single one, and believe it or not, he didn’t run into other airplanes. Look what happens when you do what controllers tell you to!


Especially when you don’t control in Socal


Hmm maybe he was expirienced in the solo and then recently got IF live?


Ugh this one time on approach to LAX…I swear people can’t respect aircraft types. I was using a Q400 and landing at KLAX, and this one jet comes RIGHT INTO MY LANE FROM ANOTHER and passes overhead, completely knocking me off course for a second. No respect, no structure.

Everybody has to start out somewhere, right? I bet you’ll be seeing that guy in the Advanced server not far from now. :)

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What was his username and call sign?

I fly him a cookie

I don’t remember to be honest. Done so much controlling today.

I love this. I always follow ATC’s instructions, unless they’re wrong.


The flight was Delta 52

@Nicholas_L this is true, but @Narroc_Wim is also true

But look at us, remember what @FlyFi said, we all have to start somewhere. All of us is not 0.01%, that’s impossible @Narroc_Wim


Was he an Etihad 321?

Yes that’s right. How do you remember?

Yesterday i was in a office break for 15 minutes, i have taken 5 minutes to control KNUC approach.
I was surprised by a guy coming from KLAX, i caught him at 14000ft when he wants descent straight in RWY24.
I have tell him to heading 220° and descent to 8000, and 4000ft. when he was in the middle of the runway in parrallel, i tell him to heading 090 and descent to 4000ft a second time.

And you know what?
###He follow ALL instructions!

It was something like this


You are right @Nicholas_L, I also controlled Birmingham yesterday for a while and the pilots followed the patterns I gave, even spacing for each other and speeds. The truth is, out of 10 pilots flying on PG, 3/4 will troll. You can get all good pilots at the same time, but you will not get all bad pilots at a go.

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I was in psp

That’s fantastic, it’s hard when you see someone with 1100000XP taxing through grass and not following instructions… And yes, this was the advanced server. Statistics mean very little to me, I put faith in the pilots not figures.