Not all landings counting towards grade table?

I had to do 14 landings to meet the new grade 3 requirements, and I did 14 landings (confirmed by the landings counter on the bottom bar), but after ending my flight, only 8 landings have been counted on the grade table. Am I missing something here?

Sometimes it takes a while for all your landings to be added. And sometimes slamming your plane on the rwy isn’t considered as a landing (not saying that’s what you did)

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Restart the app and device and try again

I know that, but my landings were being counted as landings during the flight but not in the grade table, that’s what I don’t understand

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Already tried that, even waited about 20 minutes (that’s how long it took to connect again) and still no luck

Hey, That happens to me all the time, even before this update. i guess you just have to land again untill it counts. that is what I did. It will eventually count.

Probably a server issue. I’m pretty sure landings counted in the status bar always counts

Hmmm. I’m not going to offer advice in this scenario since I honestly do not know. I would recommend waiting for a mod to swing by and help you out, otherwise you can always contact support

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