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After I have witnessed so much trolling on the training servers, I have finally put in my application to become ATC and be granted the report button/features. I know I could easily just go to the expert server, but our community cannot grow unless we are helping those climbing through the ranks, and nothing is a bigger turn off and game killer to those wanting realism than a troll. We all remember the grind of wanting to jump into the expert server, but had to endure the trolls of the training server first. Training server trolls, your days are numbered.


Good luck in the process! You’ll definetly enjoy it once you join ;)

Just to let you know, trolls still happens in Expert Server, but will happen much less than TS.


Hey! So glad you hear you want to join IFATC. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the process!

Just so you know - once you pass the tests and are accepted as an IFATC controller, you are no longer allowed to control on the Training Server. Expert Server only. The only exception is if you are undergoing official radar training from an IFATC trainer, in which case you might have your training sessions with them on the Training Server, or (with your trainer’s permission) open a Radar Tracking Thread on the IFC to invite users to test your radar skills on the Training Server, before you go for your radar practical test (refer to Section 1A.3 of the ATC Manual.)

And hence, as such, you will not be able to report people on the Training Server, so the trolls on the Training Server will unfortunately still remain there :( but hey, you can still make a difference on Expert and improve the experience for everyone there!

Also note that the the report button is mandated to be used only as a last resort by IFATC controllers. It’s not a free pass to report anyone who slips up.


If I was to become IFATC. I couldn’t atc on training… why is that??

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IFATC are not allowed to control on the Training Server unless given permission by a trainer to do so, while undergoing radar training. This is because IFATC still have the ability to report people, no matter the server, and this has caused issues in the past because of abuse of the report button.

The rule is that for the Casual and Training Servers, people are not supposed to be reported by controllers. No Level 2 or 3 violations.

What if i didn’t use the report button. IFATC is good in all but sometime I want to have some fun and atc some newbies???

Nope, not on the Training Server. There’s no guarantee that you won’t use the report button. Opening an airport is a serious business once you join IFATC - in fact, serious enough that there’s a minimum time that you have to remain open (30 mins for Class C and D airports, and 1 hour for Class B airports). You have to announce your opening and closing times in the IFATC Discord channel, along with your ATIS letter, whenever you open up an airport. And of course, you have to ensure the best possible service. Any newbies will learn from other newbies - that’s the point of the Training Server, where everyone can make mistakes together without the threat of serious violations.

And trust me, you have more fun when people are following the rules and flying professionally. Newbies tend to not do that. And there’s no way to instruct them to do so due to the limited messages that ATC can send them - apart from reporting them. That’s not something that can be done on the Training Server.


That kinda sucks. I’m planning on joining IFATC and might only be able to open 1 airport a week but would love to also keep doing atc on training because it’s convient and easy and less stressful. If I was to get IFATC certified, would it be possible to contact someone and get special permission??

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Bruh you’re getting way too worked up it’s just a game 😂


you would only be granted special permission in some cases to train for radar certification, nothing else

Not worked up but I feel the pain of people that want to be a part of serious sim and have people ruin their experience. An experience people pay hard earned money for. That is unacceptable.

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If that is indeed true that is very sad and is hindering the growth of the game. A majority of the people that don’t resub to their monthly subscription are people that are tired of trolls and feel that aren’t getting their money’s worth. If ATC aren’t allowed to patrol training servers, staff needs to do their part and help the growth of not only their game but their wallets as well. The trolls need to be dealt with. Sit at lax for 2 mins and you will come across at least 1 troll. And as of right now, there have been multiple people reporting bugs on the localizer when military aircraft are pulling up way too close to aircraft it’s actually turning off the AP. It’s currently being investigated by staff. I’ve read 3-4 different posts the past couple days regarding this issue. If you are coming in from a 14 hour long haul flight just to get trolled on by some 8 year old in a military aircraft, then that is just unacceptable.

Outside of the special circumstance of Radar training as previously described, the answer is no.


What up Chitown! I recognize that name. Great controller yesterday at KLAX and I believe I found you at jfk the other day as well!

Edit: I see you behind me on final as well lol


Nothing stops them (except perhaps time) in working their way up to Grade 3. All you really need is landings. And of course, to behave yourself on Expert once you get there and not get kicked to Training for an extended period.

This has been addressed before. There’s currently no way to deal with trolls and simultaneously keep the Training Server environment a safe place to learn without the threat of violations. We do have the Casual Server for berserk flying, but trolls will be trolls.

We even get a substantial amount on the Expert Server. Just look at the moments when there’s a controller change in progress at a busy airport on Expert, and you’ll know what I’m talking about. A lot of them escape before controllers can see and report them too.

If you want to practice your ATC skills, a great way to do so is by opening an ATC Tracking Thread on here, and inviting people from the IFC to join and give you feedback. Pro tip: don’t open up busy airports like KLAX, EGLL, KSFO etc which are prone to trolls. Invite people to smaller airports and you’ll see how fun it is to control them when everyone is behaving themselves. When you first get in to IFATC too, you’ll only be allowed to control smaller airports at first, until you pass your check ride phase.

Agreed. But trust me, putting the report button on the Training Server is an even worse idea. I’ve been around since the days before Global, and the abuse of the report button was rampant. Think fighter jet trolls are bad? Try flying a long flight and then getting reported on final because someone decided to get playful with the report button or just didn’t like the way your wingtips looked. And having that stay on your pilot record. Not fun. There’s enough and more ATC trolls on Training as well - who spam pilots with messages and don’t let them fly peacefully. Trolls will be trolls, unfortunately.


Wouldn’t that be solved with only giving trusted ATC the report button? It’s not like some random can report, as the process to become IFATC seems quite thorough. It’s hard to abuse something that only a very few people have. I’m not talking about giving the report button to anybody, only those certified for IFATC. And if they abuse the system, it gets taken away from them. It’s not hard to implement something of that nature. The problem here is with what has already been stated above. IFATC very rarely use the TS.

As for your first comment, there are those that don’t have a lot of free time to make the climb to expert server as fast as others, so they get stuck in TS for quite sometime and eventually lose interest due to the trolls which causes the community to lose a member. Those experienced like me that have thousands of hours on flight sims. I work full time as a flight nurse so getting time to get on the game to grind isn’t ideal, but I get why they do it. Would be nice though when going through that grind, that trolls get caught and punished. I know there are many others in similar situations as I. And we should be doing everything in our power to make sure we promote and grow the community as more money means more upgrades to the sim.

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^^^^^^^^^^^ that’s what I’m sayin

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We also have a significant number people appeal on the forum every week for violations given out on Expert. This number would drastically increase to capabilities beyond the Appeals team’s ability to resolve, if the report button were added to Training.

And there’s the flip side - there’s been cases of new controllers getting super excited by having access to the report button that it’s been unfairly used. It’s a double edged sword and has little results in terms of preventing trolls - as they’ll simply find another way back into the live servers.

There has to be a safe space without the threat of being kicked to Casual or Solo, for both controllers and pilots to learn. Else the point is lost.

We use it rarely because we’re forbidden to. It’s not a choice. The rare times that we do use it, it’s strictly regulated by the IFATC trainers and supervisors.

If they’re bothered by trolls, there’s some wonderful airports that very few trolls visit. The whole world of Global is open. And you never know - in discovering those flights, they might just rack up enough hours and landings to get to Grade 3. Grade 3 is relatively simple tbh - most of the hard work is farming landings, which takes one free hour at the absolute maximum, a Cessna and an airport with parallel runways so touch and goes become easy.

Not everyone on the IFC is a subscriber - just saying. There’s a huge amount of users who are perfectly happy with the regions system. Also about the money factor - I’m pretty sure the staff have way more knowledge about that than any of us do. Money is only one of the factors that goes into sim upgrades - and I’m sure that they have a set-out and concrete plan for it, or we wouldn’t be seeing the kind of upgrades that we are now. The majority of upgrade restrictions seem to be technical rather than financial (hardware restrictions, device-specific behaviour etc) for now though. From what I’m aware, development on upgrades and new features all go on side by side. Very rarely is something put “on hold” for financial reasons.

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If I’m paying for a service, I shouldn’t have to move airports to increase my game experience. I like LAX because I know it like the back of my hand. It’s where my job is based out of and I fly in and out of almost everyday. To force people to go to other airports is absolutely unacceptable in every way, shape, and form. So your solution is truly null and void.

Over 30+ people in this vicinity and people can’t get their call outs off because this troll wanted to spam the ATC. That ruins the experience for everyone. There is no excuse for this type of behavior running rampant at major airports. It effects the gameplay of everyone around. As for the number of reports, that is not of my concern, as the paying consumer. When you see multiple people leaving the game due to trolls and lack of realism on their grind to expert, that’s loss on the community which is unacceptable. Everyone on the TS is a paying member, so I truly don’t know what you’re referring to in your comment about not everyone being a paying member. We are talking TS not the entire IFC. You seem to be going off on tangents here by adding “sauce” to the situation. In your previous comment you stated something about giving the report feature to anybody when we are referring to IFATC only. And now you are saying something about strict rules in the TS, nowhere did I ask for strict rules in a TS as you implied, but what needs to be known is that the TS shouldn’t be used for trolling. That is what the causal server is for. With all due respect, going forward with this discussion, I don’t know if there is a language barrier happening here, but the some of the points you are making really does not add to constructive information here as you are including a lot of unnecessary information.


“Please divert to a suitable airport” disagrees.
No one’s forcing you to do anything. If you don’t like LAX because there are trolls, that’s the trolls’ victory and your loss. You could tune out of ATC and fly in there tuned out of spammy ATC and keep your head down in IFR mode looking at instruments only, so you can ignore any F-22s around you. Or you could, as I said, try your hand at other airports and sharpen your skills as a pilot and a controller. But of course, that’s just a suggestion :)

Agreed. Which is why, come to Expert, we have better control! If you’re so committed to realism and flying under proper supervision, I’m sure you’ll get there as quick as you can! Frankly speaking, if you do manage to find the time to join IFATC, I can assure you, you’ll definitely have the time to get to Grade 3 and enjoy the (almost obsessive) realism that this community has to offer. Getting to Grade 3 requires a minuscule fraction of the time required to keep up with IFATC, I can tell you that.

Trolls are annoying. I think everyone can agree on that. What is *not * the solution - and of course, that’s just my opinion - is having IFATC control the Training Server and handing out reports. Introducing reports - which is the primary difference between TSATC and IFATC - would take away the purpose of the training nature of the server. That’s why, even when you get a violation on Expert, you’re sent back to Training, to learn. The Training Server is like a bridge between the standard of realism of the Expert Server and the wacky Casual Server, which is why the regulations for TS are looser (only Level 1 violations). You’re going to have both trolls as well as serious users, just like any loosely moderated Internet forum or game.

Might I suggest, creating a feature request if you feel so strongly about having IFATC on the Training Server, to report trolls - or even the ability to report trolls on Training to supervisors? That way, you can get the opinion of the community as a whole, and hey, who knows, if you get enough votes it might just be added in :)

You seem to be talking about the ‘community’ beyond the IFC - that was the confusion, I assumed you were talking about the IFC alone.

I have no idea what sauce you’re talking about but barbecue and/or spicy mustard is my favourite, currently. Or ranch. Or actually, even sweetened tamarind sauce. Or am I just being saucy here? Maybe it’s just a saucepicious time of the year.

I referred to the days of when reports were available to everybody, and their potential to be abused was massive. Even by members of IFATC. That’s the reason it was removed. I don’t see why that’s an irrelevant point. And like I said, we’ve had cases new controllers in IFATC who’ve been a little over-zealous with the report button. Not something we want repeatedly happening in Training.

Once again, agreed. But in my opinion, enabling reports - even if it’s just for IFATC - is as counter-productive as trolls. At least trolls don’t necessarily affect your stats (apart from the one-off case where someone had an app crash apparently due to a troll).

And once again, with all due respect, I’ve been replying literally line by line to you, to avoid unnecessary extra information. There’s nothing that I’ve said that I felt didn’t need to be said. If you still feel this way, I’d be glad to help you out in a PM :).

To summarise:

  • Get to Grade 3 and enjoy LAX more realistically than you do now. The way to Grade 3 is not through LAX on Training, necessarily. It’s like being stuck on a level in a game. You’ll figure it out :)
  • IFATC handing out reports on Training is counter-productive in my opinion. This is debatable though, and perhaps could be useful as a feature request to see where others stand.
  • What’s your favourite sauce?