Not all 19.4 Reworks were Airbus

Took a little after work hop in the late afternoon-early evening to see how the reworked 172 looks & handles through the mountains of Basin MT. Great little hop under 30 min with moderate to nice scenery, challenging landing for sure @ MT43 coming in from the WNW.

Aircraft- Cessna 172 (Embry Riddle)
Departure- MT69
Arrival- MT43
Runway- 11
Duration- :22
Server: Casual

Dropping in for a steep approach at MT43


Actually, no reworks were Airbus except for the added A320 liveries to my knowledge. (I would consider the A359 a new addition).
Great angles and shots!

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I’m glad that the C172 isn’t lost and forgotten in the mass of A350 topics. By the way, nice photos, I think that’s the first moonshot with the C172 I’ve seen in awhile.


They should of put the C172 first and brought the A350 in January because now look almost everyone
Everyday uses the A350 I know the A350 was the best aircraft IF ever made but a lot more people need to show appreciation or some love for the C172.


Yeah I just wish they would make some true bush planes with amphibious floats. From what I understand they haven’t bothered with the dynamic of making the water an actual thing where one could land on it yet.🍻

picture number 3 makes the cesna look like a peel p50

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I thought this new update was the 777 rework. Boy did i get excited.

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First Cessna moonshot I’ve ever seen, and you killed it! 👏👏👏

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