Not Again! Aeromexico Near Miss at KSFO

Can you believe this happened again. An Aeromexico Boeing 737-800 was cleared to land on runway 28R and San Franscio International Airport on Tuesday but instead was landing on runway 28L. ATC instucted a go-around at 600ft.
What are your thoughts on this?
What else can SFO do to prevent this?

This is the second incident of a misalignment of runways that happened at SFO in six months


SFO is currently under investigation by the FAA right now. There were 2 similar incidents before involving Air Canada Airlines.

What is with these foreign airlines and SFO…


Holy cow how could this happen again

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It happened again because some pilots don’t know their lefts and rights.


Looks like some of the Training Server pilots somehow got accepted into the real world…


Well I gues pilots need to back to preschool or kindergarden lol


I wonder if this has anything to do with SFO themselves.


Don’t they know they can just press and hold the runway info in their HUD to lock the localizer to their assigned runway? 😅


I guess not these new guys don’t know as much the veterans

KSFO needs to do some work to prevent this from happening more. Maybe there are too many paved surfaces close to each other.

To that thought, I have flown in/out KSFO many times in my life, and the taxiways are very generous; that is, wide and well-defined, a good thing.
Maybe pilots, who are responsible, get confused.

This is certainly a serious incident and I hope that the FAA will be able to ensure that this incident does not happen again. Although something like this should never happen, I can understand why mistakes like the AeroMexico and Air Canada might incidents occur.

The taxiways are parallel to the runways and look quite wide to me. Due to all taxiways and runways being parallel, I can sort of see how some flight crews might become confused, with which strip of tarmac they should steer towards, especially if they are unfamiliar with arrival procedures into KSFO. This is just my two cents, so take it with a grain of salt.


I’m honestly curious, if different airlines keep doing it every time, why are they investigating the airlines and not the airport? I think a couple of boats on the final approach path with big billboards that say LEFT and RIGHT should do the trick.


I’ve got a felling there is something wrong with the ILS…

This can’t be a coincidence. There’s clearly something wrong with SFO.


Hundreds of planes a week fly the same ILS…

Why is there so many incidents on those 2runways maybe the pilots switch off because it seems so easy with long runway no mountains in way flat terrain ect.

Think about air Asia crash on same runway as well

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You mean Asiana, not Air Asia.

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Why in the world would the pilots switch off ILS…