Not actually pausing

Ok, the middle of a flight it said I was using another device and it would cut my throttle, when I don’t actually have another device , so I don’t know what this is maybe a connection issue or something since it kept saying connecting for 2 mins. So since it cut my throttle I naturally paused it and waited for it to connect, but it didn’t fully pause and it was still cutting the throttle and stalling my plane… after 2 mins of waiting for it to connect it crashed while I was on the pause screen. I don’t know if this is meant to happen or what.

Just some device info:
iPad Air 2
Newest IOS and IF version running

Any answers would be appreciated very much… Thank you!

Hi, were you playing in multiplayer? If so, you are still rendered in the world and therefore you will still be active, along with your aircraft and it’s systems.
If this was is in solo, then thats another issue. Maybe somone more qualified than me can inquire.

Yes, I was on the expert server at the time. But how can it keep rendering me when it’s trying to connect?

This is usually a rare issue where it thinks you are using another device with the same account. The app on multiplayer can’t be paused regardless of wether there is connection or not, it will continue and with your throttle cut you will stall.
The solution would be to restart your app,

Thank you for your feedback. But I mean what’s the point of pausing when you can’t pause the actual game except for changing some things.

It’s there just to access other functions, settings etc. It’s only actually going to pause the app in single player though.

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