Not accurate weather when playing online


I am currently flying Riga to Tallinn and I noticed that the visibility in real life tallinn is kind of bad, but in ininite flight the visibility is 50KM. Is it suposed to be like that? I am flying in TRAINING SERVER
Device: iPhone 6
iOS: 11.0

i noticed that to when i was on solo and set it two 100 meters visability it stayed at 50km

Why does that happen?

At times the weather can be slightly delayed, as we still have to receive it from the station, processed, then displayed to you. The weather should be fairly accurate but can take a brief time to render on your end. Thanks!


I dont know honestly, a bug maybe?

I noticed that when I was flying yesterday the wind didn’t change from 51 it was just and coming out LAX

But I have been flying for 10 minutes. Weather at Tallinn has been bad the whole day

Keep in mind the server load as well. You’ll see a major improvement as things level off. :)