Not accepting incoming traffic LFMN

I was inbound LFMN from OTHH, only tower and ground frequencies active. Requested a visual approach and tower cleared me…

Had to do a go around, made right traffic 04R and approach just logged in.

Requested vectors for the visual approach because there are literally just 4 airplanes in the airspace ( one on final 04L) and the other three were like 20 nm away. And approach sent me a message saying that: DUE TO HEAVY TRAFFIC there not accepting incoming traffic… like what??? There´s like 3 airplanes only!!!

Should I hold on a higher altitude?? Don´t understant what is happening tbh

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Could you please tell us who was your controller? You can see their username

Its SunSeeker58

@Sunseeker58 is you guy to PM, he might have made a mistake or might have a legit reason

@itzKeineer if they’re not accepting arrivals then you should either hold around some waypoint or divert to another airport. I did the same mistake before, I was nearly ghosted. It’s always better to be on the safe side.


There’s no harm in asking the controller why were they told what and how the pilot can improve etc


Handled via pm, can be closed 🙂