Not able to Watch replay

Hi there, actually from few days I am not able to watch the replays of the flight I have flown. It’s like only few are available to watch but most of the other replay files are not showing up. Is the problem related to subscription or anything else as, l am currently inactive for some reasons.
So what should I do?


Once your pro-subscription expires, you can no longer access the replay files of flights that require a pro-subscription. Replay files of flights in free region with free planes (or planes you previously purchased with in-game purchases when it used to be available) can still be accessed.

Does that answer your question?

Have a nice day!


So next time when I have an active pro subscription I will be able to access all the replay flies . That’s how it will work ,right! Thank you for your help in this case😊.

Exactly, once you have a subscription again you’ll be able to access the files! You’re welcome 😊