Not able to view replays after saving

So recently I have been experimenting on saving a replay file but I am having a bit of trouble. You see, my device has been lagging for a month or two and it was never like this. So right before the 20.1 update, I will be uninstalling infinite flight then reinstalling it again. But before I do that, I need help with saving my files. I share my downloads to my Google drive but I can’t view them. It always says “this file type is not supported” Does anyone have a solution?

You can only view them with infinite flight. You may need to do the share option from Google and select infinite flight from the share list to load it back to infinite flight.

What device are you on? I can get you some specific directions.

Oh I see what you mean. My device is the Samsung galaxy Tab S5e.

For me I have other apps that took over the binary files so I have to

  • saved file on drive
  • download saved file from drive to local device downloads folder
  • press the share icon
  • infinite flight shows as an option.
  • replay shows in list. Sometimes you have to restart the app for it to show.

You can always do a quick flight, export the replay, delete it, and practice importing so you know it works.

Ok so I should maybe do a quick flight maybe like 5 minutes, save that replay file to drive, delete that file from IF, then import it back from google drive?

I would. Just to make sure you understand the import process for your device.

Ok Chris thank you. You can lock this topic if you want. I can always view it on my profile.