Not able to view replay

Did you buy any chance use flight resume on that flight?

Could I see a screenshot of your replay menu?

Yeah what I did is I had to leave the app for like 2 minutes to do something but I was crying and I had flight replay on so I don’t know what happened

Is that the logbook?

Flight resume flights do not have flight replay, I don’t know if this will be fixed, but it’s the same for me. In order to watch a flight replay, you have to do the whole flight :)

yes, the same screenshot you sent but without the popup

Oh ok thank you so much tho:D

I can watch any replay even if I resume the flight 999 times so I don’t think flight resuming is the issue
I have multiple flight replay but you can watch

This is not true whatsoever. Flight resume replays are available, but each flight resume is saved as a new file.


That’s strange, for me flight resume replays aren’t available… Must be some coincidence

But thank you for the info

that’s not true, I checked all the fractions of a flight I resumed 3 times and all of them worked

That’s strange, in that case it doesn’t work for me and the Original Poster, and I’m using a 2021 iPad and newest OS

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