Not able to spawn in around EDDF

Hey IFC. Looking for help on this issue. I am able to spawn in anywhere else on IF except for EDDF and the surrounding area. Please help me I am trying to at least get an idea of the airport for the Summit.

I believe this may be part of the TFR for the event, the only way in is to fly in with a VA…

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I am part of the ACVA I cant even spawn in on solo either.

Not sure about solo, but eaven the VAs are flying in, no one is spawning there for it…

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Does the app crash or what do you mean by you can’t spawn in? A video would help here 😉

Incorrect. The red band you see around EDDF is a NOTAM, not a TFR. You are allowed to fly into the NOTAM area; it is just a warning about the procedures in effect for the event. A TFR is a flight restriction, while a NOTAM is just a notice to airmen.

Have you tried restarting Infinite Flight and/or restarting your device? I’m able to spawn in there and surrounding airports just fine. The TFR should not prevent you from spawning in at an airport.


I restarted my device and it started to work fine :)

a mod can close this and mark it as solved now! Thank you!

Glad that worked. In the future always give the good old restart trick a try as it will solve most issues. Enjoy flying :)