Not able to see other aircraft

Hello guys…

I’ve been playing Infinity Flight online for like about 3 years and it’s been only a few times when I can see other aircraft I have already clear my (cache) and my internet speed is working fine so is there something else for me to do in order to be able to see other aircrafts around me??.

Do you have “Hide Airplane Names” and “Hide Airplane Dots” on? If so, make sure they are off! That could be the issue.

Make sure you have the aircraft downloaded


Head over to the “Live” settings in Infinite Flight, and have a look at what your “Airplane Count” setting is.
-The “Very High” setting will of course result in showing more aircraft, and the “Very Low” setting will do the opposite :)

-If you’re using a Cellular/Data connection, make sure to check the “Automatic Airplane Downloads Over Cellular Data” box so the aircraft can download in game.

Thank you guys I appreciate you all I will try what you guys suggested…¡!

Do you use a cellular/data connection to play Infinite Flight?

  • If so, make sure to tick the “Automatic Airplane Downloads Over Cellular Data” box in settings.

Also, it’s quite typical for some aircraft not being able to load/render in when the airport is quite busy.

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