Not able to see ground equipment for other planes

I’m not sure if this is a known issue. I tried searching to see if a support thread had been opened for this previously, and couldn’t find one.

Anyway, I’m not able to see the ground equipment for planes at neighboring gates. But I’m able to see their open doors.

I’m on an iPhone 11 Pro Max, with iOS 16.0 software.

That’s totally normal
Don’t worry

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This is probably intentional as rendering ground equipment for multiple other aircraft could cause performance issues on some devices, although don’t quote me on that reason.

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This is intentional. As of currently, only you are able to see your ground service, and you cannot see others. The devs are currently working on something to allow this to be possible in a future update.


okay, gotcha. Thanks for the info!

Im Envoy 997! Hi!!

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