Not able to purchase year subscription

I tunes doesnt let me parchase pro subscription. They tell me to contact support but I don’t know what to do. My year subscription ended today and to my surprise I cant. I have always used my credit card to make my purchases in app store and had never had any problems until now with IF subscription.

Unfortunately this is an issue with iTunes and not FDS now, since they moved the purchasing process across.

Can you post a screenshot of the message you receive? It’ll help me diagnose this quicker.

Uploading… is there a different way to make my purchase other than my credit card?

What can I do then. If the problems is with itunes and not with FDS. But I don’t have IF now. Will I have to wait till iTunes decides to take my money?

Please wait for screenshots to finish uploading before posting!

You can talk to apple support:

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Have you contacted Apple for a refund? Make sure you device has 64GB memory and IOS 10.