Not able to post many pictures

Hey Guys i was just trying to post screenshots of my flight but it said this

Someone pls help me with this
I have posted many topics with more than one pic before

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I believe we are capped at 5 pics per upload, just select 5 photos first, tap upload, once they upload in the draft, go select 5 more if needed.

Once you have all your photos in the draft, then go ahead and publish.

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I selected 1 picture per upload

This hasn’t ever happened before so why today

Oh, try refreshing discourse or your browser, if that doesn’t work then reboot your device.

I just uploaded pics with no issue a little while ago.

I’ll try rebooting but what’s clear discourse

@lucaviness spotted something I missed, he’ll post a possible reason why you can’t post more than 1 photo ;)

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Do you know if you have been at Trust Level 1 (Basic) or above before? New users, otherwise referred to as Trust Level 0, are only permitted to attach one media item per post (i.e. images in your case). If you have been able to attach more items in the past, that would most likely be due to you having a higher Trust Level in the past. Now that you’re back down to Trust Level 0, it would make sense that you’re getting that error message.

If you’d like to learn more about Trust Levels, please give the linked topic below a read. For any questions regarding your Trust Level (including its fluctuations), you can shoot the Moderators a message using this link.

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Yes that’s the thing i think I’ve gone down trust level…if that’s possible i was able to post 10 pics smoothly…i think i was trust level 2 or sth

If there is a problem is it possible to bring me up again …I’ve been on IFC since October 2021 am i a new user?

A Moderator will be able to provide you with the best answer. I’d recommend reaching out to them for any further inquiries about your dropped Trust Level. Stay awesome and you’ll be back in no time, @Awesome_Aviation.

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Okay sure thank you so much loved the last line so nice

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Typically when users start throwing random guesses in support topics thinking they know the answer, it tends to raise a few red flags. Not too long ago you were pretty set on APPR being the reason why airports are not showing when you’re trying to land when it’s been mentioned multiple times elsewhere the actual reason.

That said, I manually demoted your account to a new user status so we can monitor the quality replies coming in to ensure we don’t see any further issues. Especially when the #support category is the go to source for people actually experiencing issues.

We don’t need people guessing in that category. We need actual smarts providing actual help for those who have an issue.

Now you’re asking, when will I be allowed to post without prior approval? Send over some good quality posts/replies and we can lift that for you in a jiffy.