Not able to Open the IF App on iPhone 11 Pro Max


I have been using an iphone 11 Pro Max, but am unable to use the IF app. As soon as I try opening it, it just crashes. Works just fine on my iPad Pro.
I uninstalled and reinstalled the app again, but no change.

What should be done here?

R u in beta?

No Im not. Just a normal user.

Are you receiving any errors?
Which iOS version are you currently using? Be specific please :)

No errors. The moment I try to open the app, the IF screen loads, and it just crashes.
Im on iOS 14.2 on the iPhone 11 Pro Max with lots of empty space, 300MB wifi.
Attached video, to give an idea of the error.

You were previously asked if in Beta. 14.2 is a very early Beta ;) But perhaps you referred to Infinite Flight.
14.2 is also why you’re experiencing this, as do others.

Using early Beta releases of any operating system may have a negative impact on your general experiences as well as the function of any application. Since the current iOS version is 14.0.1 with 14.1 around the corner, our focus lies in having the app working there. 14.2 is too early in it’s stages and whatever we fix now, may end up breaking it later on when it becomes the release version.


Oh okay! Got it.
Yes i thought you meant IF Beta.
Thank you so much for your prompt reply.

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