Not able to make pirep

Hello I have been having a problem of not being able to make a pirep it says that in infinite flight my username needs to be turned on but I have been had that on I have restarted infinite flight and created a new account for the pireps. Do yall know how to fix it, it will be a big help thanks!!

Hi, could you clarify what you mean when you say you can’t file one? Im not quite sure that users in IF have that capability at the moment.

Additionally, PIREPS are generally used by VA’s to track a pilots activity. With this being said, if you are a part of a VA, each one might use different software to file them. If you are referring to a logbook, this can be found in your profile tab in the IF app and will list each of the flights that you have completed. Hope this helps :)

So every time i do it, it says that my in game username needs to be turned on wich it is and i restart everything and still does not work

Hmmm, I’m not too sure, maybe someone else can answer that for you.

The only other thing I could recommend is that you make sure you have your forum account linked in game. I’m sorry to hear that it’s causing you trouble.

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it’s np thanks for your help tho

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