Not able to login

You meant OS? If yes go ahead and open settings > General> about> and you should see your ‘iOS 9,10,11)

It’s apparently iOS 8.1

Try updating your firmware to the latest firmware Apple offers (iOS 10.3.3)

Update your device to the latest operating system. There is no reason at all to not do it. IF can experience issues especially with old software.

i don’t have enough storage to do it

Well you may have to delete and re-download some applications because the update only takes storage just for updating and then it gives you the storage back. Also, are you using Google or Facebook to log in?

You need to make some space for it then. As previously said, running a older iOS can cause this sometimes.

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There is a trick. Go on to iTunes and click to rent a movie, it won’t let you do it as it will say you don’t have enough storage. It will say to go back to settings and once you click it you could have a lot of free storage available. I do it regularly on all my devices and get up to 2gb data as it does a cleanup of your device.

I’m using Google+ but hasn’t that bug been fixed

That’s because it’s solely a device issue. 99% certain it is caused by old iOS.

Hi this morning I am not able to play live. I have live+ and a secure and fast internet. I select the game and when it loads in I see 0 people flying in the game for live. And when I select it it says we are having trouble contacting the servers please check you internet. I already restarted it and it’s the same thing happened. Someone please help me

Please create a new topic with your issue. Thanks!