Not able to login

it’s been like this for the past 45 minutes

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Please consider reading this:

Turn your WiFi off, Turn it back on after 30 seconds

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Ok and yes I have the latest version on infinite flight but how comes on my phone I can login meanwhile on my iPad i cant

Try restarting your iPad

I’ve tried that already

Turn off your wifi router/modem and try again.

Is your phone have a cellular data connection?

No the phone and iPad are connected to the same wifi

How about reinstalling the app, then try again.

Is that a good idea?

In some cases it is, after reinstalling the app you can always restore your purchases, then try getting live again.

Ok now it’s re installing

Still won’t login it stays the same

Make sure you are using the same account and just to make sure, you have the latest version of IF?

Uh something you probably already have tried but try canceling the login process, connect to another WiFi network and just try it again. It should work.

I’m using the same account and the latest version of infinite flight

Yeah, you may want to contact support or a mod for help, mind telling us what IPad you are using and the OS you are running on?

I guess that is better

iPad Air and what’s an IS

Sorry, Autocorrect, OS (Operating System)

iOS 8.3 I think, does it matter because I’ve logged in before