Not able to import replay file

I am not able to import the file from replay as there’s no option to do so.

Pls help what to do.

Where do you intend to import the replay file from?

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To a file in Downloads named Replays file infinite flight

Are you talking about EXPORT now? As in saving a backup of the file?

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No I’ll tell exactly what I’m trying to do.

I started with going to replay section and clicked on import to put it somewhere I opened the file I want to put it in but there’s no option to press done or something like that for the replay file to get inside the file I want.

Then you’re talking about Exporting. Importing is when you want to import a file to Infinite Flight from somewhere else.

Tap “Share” instead and then “Save to files”.

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Thankyou very much it’s working now…

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