Not able to create Feature Topic

Hey i’ve been trying to create a topic for new livery but i’m not able to use the feature topic? are new entries blocked or am I missing something?

Hi, recent changes were implemented so that the feature category could be more streamlined and ideal. Feature requests now need moderator approval before they are posted publicly. More information from Tyler can be found here:


Hello! To add onto Levet,

It seems as though the issue here is your Trust Level. Your account is currently Trust Level 1 (basic user). To use the #features category, you need to be Trust Level 2 (member).

In order to ‘level up’, you just need to contribute to the community in a positive way: liking, commenting and creating productive topics are all ways of doing this!

Hope this helps! :)

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alright thanks for the info!

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No worries! If you’d like some more information on Trust Levels, you can follow the link below:

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Btw, welcome back, looks like you took a break for a long while. We hope you enjoy the changes and hope you are enjoying the new in-app updates!

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Thanks! Yeah I’ve been gone for a while. Lost the fun playing, but since the new updates are arriving I started playing again. First flight was in 2014, quite some time :).
Very happy that IF has evolved in such a nice way!

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