Not able to buy IF pro

Hi, I’m trying to buy the 1 month IF pro sub, but it keeps giving me this error.

does anyone know how to solve it?

Try re starting the app or reinstalling it

I did, same thing.

You tried restarting your device or WiFi router?

Restarted wifi, let’s check now

same screen, does the IF support team know why?


tried to buy it on my phone, same thing.

anyone know if they could please help?

Not sure if this will help, but is your payment method updated?

How do I check?

@altixs just checked, i have a credit card attached.

Try removing your payment method and re adding it. Then try the purchase again.

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Settings > Tap where your name is at > Navigate to Payment and Shipping.

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whenever I press “subscribe” it buffers for a second then glitches to the screen “unknown”

Alright, thanks man!

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the “edit” button is blocked off and won’t let me edit the payment methods…

Does it have a red writing something like declined? where your payment method is?

And what version of iOS are you on?

I used to have the same issue, maybe it’s because of your payment method. My solution was using an Apple Gift Card

Nope. When I buy it it says “purchase failed: unknown error occurred”, nothing about the credit card.